Emergency Appeal for Sri Lanka Muslims

Project is led by Al Manar Trust and Sri Lankan Society of New Zealand

All monetary donations could be made directly to the account below or responsible brothers as stated below.

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Bank: ANZ  Branch: Mt Roskill
Account No:  06-0177-0140367-02
Reference: SriLanka

Donate by Cash or for more info contact:

Shaykh Abu Anas – 0220160269
Br. Jareeth – 0221504265
Br. Mukhlis – 0279002474
Dr. Asfahaan Mirza – 0272210399


The Muslim community, which accounts for about 10 percent of Sri Lanka’s 21m population, has been the victim of several outbreaks of mob violence, and the recent being in the last few weeks commencing with Ampara and thereafter in Digana, Theldeniya, Akurana and many other remote villages particularly in the Kandy District.

Hundreds of properties belonging to the Muslim Community i.e. Mosques, homes, businesses and business establishments, buildings, vehicles and religious places of worship have been damaged and destroyed completely depriving these innocent people of their daily economic livelihood and making them refugees overnight. Most of the victims are in temporary shelters and have lost their economic and livelihood means as they have lost all that they owned.

In summary, the preliminary extent of damage as at date and to be officially confirmed is as follows:

Affected Families: 402
Affected People: 2010
Deaths: 2
Injured: 19
Houses Damaged (Fully): 19
Houses Damaged (Partially): 213
Enterprises Damaged (Fully): 30
Enterprises Damaged (Partially): 118
Temple Damaged (Partially): 1
Mosque Damaged (Fully): 1
Mosque Damaged (Partially): 15
Vehicle Damaged (Fully): 36
Vehicle Damaged (Partially): 30

We are making arrangements to provide all the necessary support to the victims commencing with basic needs such food provisions, clothing and other necessities; and in uplifting their economic and livelihood means of continued sustainable existence.

We take this opportunity to request you to support us to help these affected people get back to normalcy and thereafter restart their economic and livelihood activities as soon as possible in a sustainable manner.

We thank you and look forward to your support in strengthening our hands to help the affected people.

Emergecy Appeal:
Sri Lanka Muslims

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