Who we are and what is our objective

About Us

Al-Manar Trust is a non-profit Islamic Trust, aiming to serve the muslim community in aspects of education and culture, enabling the community to engage positively within the wider NZ community and making a positive influence, whilst maintaining their identity of being Muslims.


Al-Manar Trust was first established in 1998 by a group of brothers from different backgrounds, with the aim of attending to the needs of the Muslim community. The first achievement was the establishment of the first Arabic/ Islamic school, named “dar-alsalam”. As the years went by, the number of activities and services offered by al-manar trust increased e.g. Relief work, Mosque, Quran course and more.

Our Goals
  • Preserving the Muslim identity of permanent and temporary Muslims in NZ
  • Special emphasis on developing the Muslim youth educationally and religiously and helping them face any
    challenges they come across.
  • Educating the Muslim women and providing support to help the Muslim women fulfill her pivotal
    responsibility in the Muslim community.
  • Preserving the essence of the Muslim Family through education and hard work.
  • Diligent work in uniting the Muslim community upon the school of ahlo sunna wa aljama’a, and supporting
    effort of dawa all across the Muslim community.
  • Showing and Introducing Islam to non-Muslims through organised Dawa work, as well as helping new
    Muslims integrate into the Muslim community.
  • Help those in need all across the world (New Zealand, Syria, India etc.)

Current Trustees

Dr. Saad Al Azi

Trust President

Dr. Asfahaan Mirza


Shaykh Abu Anas

Religious Advisor

Anas Bennabi


Abu Mohamed Zalat


Muhammad Arwani


Mohamed Zalat