Almanar Muslim Youth Swimming Program

A monthly swimming session will be booked for our Muslim youth.

The program to include swimming & soccer, along with lunch to be provided.

Last date for registrations will be 2 days prior to each session along with payment.

* numbers are limited, we will close the registration form when number fill

Gear List

– Soccer gear (we’ll be playing soccer too), so be prepared with your choice of clothing
– Modest swimming gear (that’s in accordance to Islamic guidelines), an example that covers from the navel to the knee below.

Swimming shorts example

Event Guidelines

Behavioural Code of Conduct

As a Participant of Almanar Swimming program, I promise to abide by the code of conduct defined below:

  1. To have a positive attitude and conduct myself in a manner that reflects the principles of Islam (including dress code).
  2. To respect, follow and cooperate with organisers, staff and fellow participants in their roles as leaders and organizers of event activities and responsibilities.
  3. To respect event location property and not to damage, destroy, or unlawfully possess any of the event location property.
  4. Not to threaten or use any physical violence against any person is prohibited. This includes doing intentional harm or bullying another participants, either physically or emotionally because this is grounds for dismissal from the event or any further events.
  5. To refrain from using obscene, offensive or abusive language.
  6. To take full financial responsibility for all property damage(s) or losses that occur as a result of my behaviour.
  7. I will remain with the group and fully participate in all activities and obligations of assigned to me and my group.
Terms & Conditions

To participate in Almanar Swimming prorgram you deemed to agree with the conditions listed below.

  1. Respect all your fellow participants. Avoid using offensive language and inappropriate behaviour at all times.
  2. Any behaviour that places the participants or others at risk physically or emotionally (including harassment and / or bullying), destruction of property may result in immediate dismissal or removal from the program without refund.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times during the event.
  4. Participants to follow health & safety rules established by the event organisers at all times.
  5. The organisers are not responsible for loss or damage to any personal items and belongings (including mobile phones, electronic equipment, wallets and similar items) while at event.
  6. Any damage to the property caused by you will be will be your responsibility to fix.
  7. In case of serious disturbance or breaking any of the above rules, the event organisers have the right to exclude you from event activities.

By registering to the event, You agree to the above Terms and Conditions and Behavioural Code of Conduct while you are a participant at Almanar Trust Swimming Program.

Assalamu Alaikum brothers
Unfortunately due to the current covid-19 restrictions and recent outbreak in papatoetoe, we have decided to take the precautionary measure to postpone the swimming and soccer event until further notice. We do apologize for any inconvenience but this is so that we can ensure the safety of all the brothers attending.
We will update everyone once its appropriate for the event to go ahead.

Jazakum Allah khair and stay safe.

All Registrations MUST BE ONLINE

For queries, contact:
Br.Burhan 021 079 1714