Almanar Youth Camp

Camp Guidelines

Behavioural Code of Conduct

As a Participant of Almanar Trust Youth Camp, I promise to abide by the code of conduct defined below:

  1. To have a positive attitude and conduct myself in a manner that reflects the principles of Islam.
  2. To respect, follow and cooperate with Organisers, staff and fellow Campers in their roles as leaders and organizers of camp activities and responsibilities.
  3. To respect camp property and not to damage, destroy, or unlawfully possess any of the camp property.
  4. Not to threaten or use any physical violence against any person is prohibited. This includes doing intentional harm or bullying another camper, either physically or emotionally because this is grounds for dismissal from camp.
  5. To refrain from using obscene, offensive or abusive language.
  6. To take full financial responsibility for all property damage(s) or losses that occur as a result of my behaviour.
  7. I will remain with the group and fully participate in all activities and obligations of assigned to me and my group.
Terms & Conditions

To participate in Almanar Trust Youth Camp you deemed to agree with the conditions listed below.

  1. Campers are not permitted to leave the campsite (before it ends) without prior permission of the camp Organisers.
  2. Respect all your fellow Campers. Avoid using offensive language and inappropriate behaviour at all times.
  3. Any behaviour that places the camper or others at risk physically or emotionally (including harassment and / or bullying), destruction of property may result in immediate dismissal or removal from the program without refund.
  4. Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times during the camp.
  5. Campers to follow health & safety rules established by the camp Organisers at all times.
  6. The Organisers are not responsible for loss or damage to any personal items and belongings (including mobile phones, electronic equipment, wallets and similar items) while at camp.
  7. Any damage to the property caused by you will be will be your responsibility to fix.
  8. In case of serious disturbance or breaking any of the above rules, the camp Organisers have the right to send you home.

By registering to the camp, You agree to the above Terms and Conditions and Behavioural Code of Conduct while you are a participant at Almanar Trust Summer Youth Camp.


(Payment + Registration Form)


Step 1: Payment

Please make the payment through the following trusted service (flo2Cash). Alternatively you can transfer the money to the below bank account below:

Bank Account name: Al Manar Trust, BNZ
Account number: 02-0208-0121311-00

Note: Please use your FirstName and LastName as a reference for online payments

Credit Card (Flo2Cash)

Name (First & Last name):

Reference: (YthCmp First & Last Name eg. “YthCmp Mohamed Mahmoud”)

Please note: 3% Convenience fee applies on credit card payments. To avoid fees, please make a direct bank payment to the above bank account.

Step 2: Registration Form

All Registrations MUST BE ONLINE

For online registration queries, contact
Br.Hamza – 022 041 8491