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2024 1445H - Almanar Udhiya Qurbani

International Udhiyah/Qurbani Project

Share your Qurbani with the Needy this Eid al Adha.

Pay by Bank Transfer

Almanar Trust
Bank: BNZ
Bank Acc #: 02-0208-0121311-02
(Reference & Particulars: Country & No of Shares)

Cash Payment / Key Contacts:

Sh. Abu Anas: +64220160269‬
Sh. Mohamed Patel: ‭+642102532786
Dr Farhaan Mirza: +64275050500
Dr Asfahaan Mirza: +64272210399

If the funds are received late (after 13 Jun 2024), we may change the location of your intended Qurbani.