The Situation in Syria

Since the spring uprising of 2011 internal conflict has been ongoing in Syria. As a result thousands of lives have been lost and huge numbers of people have been forced from their homes by heavy shelling and bombardment. As of April 2012 around 55,000 registered Syrian refugees have fled to neighboring countries including Jordan and Lebanon. It is thought, however that 20,000 more are not yet registered and around 200,000 or more Syrians are displaced within their home country. Many of those forced to leave their homes are desperate for shelter and basic amenities.

Islamic Relief’s work in Syria

Since May 2011 Islamic Relief has been giving support to many Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. In Lebanon, Islamic Relief have been providing refugees with vital food and non-food items as well as subsidising rent for hundreds of families. In Jordan emergency food packs have already been distributed to over 1,200 people.

We have also provided many refugees with:
• Hygiene kits
• Canned meat
• Formula milk for children
• Assistance with shelter

Islamic Relief have been one of the few international organisations to establish a route for delivering life saving medical supplies into conflict areas inside Syria. Deliveries are however are on a small scale due to insecure and unpredictable conditions on the ground. Donations are therefore currently split between delivering aid into Syria and our larger scale operations to support Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.


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